Premium Domains

Learn more about how to use premium legal domains to promote your link pages. 1 minutes read

What are ESQ Link Premium Domains? 

Are you interested in a domain name that is more distinctive to promote your law firm or yourself? is a good start but don't quit there. Premium and Pro subscriptions to include access to a variety of premium domain names related to the legal industry. You can also use these domains for link marketing pages to extend your reach.

How can you use ESQ Link Premium Domains?

Let's consider "divorce" as an example. Since most legal proceedings require a "team" to build a case, why not connect your "team" with "" This simple yet powerful premium domain name allows you to keep your team's contact information organized.   

Or take it another step further and create a location-based link promotion page. Perhaps you live in Albany, New York. Then, could be the right choice for you. 

Want to see the current premium domains

offered with your Premium or Pro ESQ.LINK subscription.

How do I set up premium domains?

From your dashboard, click "Create Project" to get started.

Next, type your chosen project name and click "Create." 

Now that you have your Sample Project let's build a page link. Click on "Create Link" and select the "ESQ Link Page" from the popup menu.

After you have selected ESQ Link Page, you can choose from the modal.

Or, if you click on the domain dropdown menu, you can choose from any of our available premium domains.

We will use "" for this example. Then, customize your post domain text and select "Create Page."

Your new page will not be displayed. Fill out the page with all of your business information.


You can also modify your page domain from the dropdown menu while editing your new page.

Last updated on: 14 March, 2022