Is Reputation Management Important?

Reputation management is important for your law firm's success. Learn the right way to manage your reputation online. 1 minutes read

Believe that following your law firm's reputation and testimonials online is not important? Try again! Nearly 90 percent of internet consumers study reviews before settling on a service or product.

Internet reviews have the capability to lead clients TO your law firm or AWAY and to your rivals. Bad reviews can cause notable damage to your business's reputation if discounted, yet good reviews can improve your bottom line.

You must be diligent in responding to ALL online reviews in order to secure your clients' trust so they return again and again. 

Check out this informative clip about appropriately answering reviews.

There is a direct correlation between the precision of ALL your business listings and a solid internet reputation, as well as your clients' impression of you not found within reviews. Are you starting to think you don't know what your law firm looks like to clients searching the internet? It's time to find out. 

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Search engines analyze your law firm's reputation when ranking where your company shows in the search results. A solid online reputation equals a higher ranking for your law firm, which means a better chance to be seen by potential clients.

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Last updated on: 8 June, 2021