Custom Domains

Using custom domains on ESQ.LINK is easy! Learn more about ESQ.LINK custom domains and how to use your own! 5 minutes read

Custom Legal domains for your ESQ.LINK pages!

What are custom domains, and how do you use them on ESQ.LINK?


In addition to using the standard domain to create link pages for your clients, we offer several different targeted domain options and even the ability to use your domain name!


ESQ.Link/Your-Name is a great, short domain name for general legal practices, but what if you wanted something more targeted to your area of practice? ESQ.LINK has you covered with custom domains.



When you create a new project, you can select which of our domain names you would like to use with that specific link page.


Custom Legal Domains Included with Your Subscription


Injury Law Custom Legal Domains from ESQ.LINK! is a perfect custom domain for injury lawyers seeking to make link pages targeting the valuable "injury law" keyword. Have a link page with the domain is easy for clients to remember and lets your clients know your area of practice.


Personal Injury Custom ESQ.LINK pages from ESQ.LINK is another great name for injury attorneys looking to market their contact information to potential clients. "Personal Injury" is a valuable keyword and lets your clients know the focus of your practice.


In addition to contact links, you can create pages linking to why they should choose your firm over someone else, what to look for in choosing a personal injury attorney, and more.


Custome legal link pages from ESQ.LINK 


Are you a litigator? Chances are your clients already know you, but what about giving them a link with all of your contact information?


With you can.


How about giving clients a link to the entire team on one of their cases using Clients like customized pages for themselves and can have all of your information in one place.


Trial Law Legal Custom Domain from ESQ.LINK


Do you practice trial law? is another custom domain option from ESQ.LINK for trial attorneys in addition to Trial Law has a lot of moving parts, and you can easily create link pages for clients, experts, support staff, and more.


Connect stakeholders directly with your staff with ESQ.LINK.


BankruptcyLaw.Link custom Legal domain name from ESQ.LINK


Are you a bankruptcy attorney? Create a page using BankruptcyLaw.Link/your-name as the custom domain, and you can have all of your legal contact information in one place.


Are you sending the same set of contact links for various credit counseling services over and over to your clients? Make a BankruptcyLaw.Link page with all of the relevant links so your clients can have all of the information at their fingertips.


DivorceLaw.Link Custom Legal Domain from ESQ.LINK




Divorce attorneys typically have a lot of moving parts to deal with, and managing contact funnels is critical to maintaining efficiency.


Each case may have multiple experts and support staff collaborating together. Give everyone on your team a single page ay DivorceLaw.Link/TEAM-NAME with everyone's contact information and control the information flow.


EstateLaw.Link Custom Legal Domains from ESQ.LINK




ESQ.LINK custom legal domains for estate lawyers include EstateLaw.Link. Custom domain link pages can include contact information pages, links to frequently asked questions, links for team members, and information links for interested stakeholders. 


From a marketing standpoint, it makes sense to have at the minimum an page with all of your contact information for potential clients.


TrafficLaw.Link custom legal domain names from ESQ.LINK


ESQ.LINK custom domains also include several different traffic law focused domain names for lawyers. Traffic Law is a high volume practice. Reduce the amount of "touch" with customized link pages handling frequently asked questions, the case process, what to expect, staff contact, and more.


TrafficLaw.Link is perfect for legal practices focused on traffic violations and other traffic-based law.


DWI.LINK custom legal link pages from ESQ.LINK


DWI, known as "Driving While Intoxicated," is used by certain states (Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, and Texas) in lieu of DUI ("Driving Under the Influence") used in other states.


If you have a DWI-focused legal practice in the states that use the DWI terminology, DWI.Link/Your-Name is an excellent opportunity for you to promote your practice. DWI.LINK is a concise, easy to remember, custom domain name for clients. Be the "link" for clients charged with DWI with a custom DWI.LINK domain name from ESQ.LINK


DUID.LINK custom legal domain name from ESQ.LINK


ESQ.LINK offers subscribers DUID.Link as another option for a traffic law defense focused custom domain name for legal link pages. DUID, otherwise known as "Driving Under the Influence of Drugs," is prosecuted in the majority of states.


Clients charged with this crime are searching for more information and representation in DUID cases. Give your clients


DWAI.LINK custom legal domain name from ESQ.LINK


DWAI, known as "Driving While Ability Impaired," is used by New York and Colorado.


If you practice traffic defense law in these states, a custom DWAI.LINK address for your firm's contact information might be a good fit.


Using Your Own Domain Name


Have a great domain name but don't want the expense of creating and hosting a website? Want to maintain the branding you currently have but want a link page?


Adding your own domain name is easy!

  1. Visit "your "Account" page, select custom domains, and then click on the "Create" button.
  2. Enter the domain name into the field and click "Create."
  3. Next, you will visit your domain registrar (where your domain name is held) and update the DNS settings. Point your domain name or subdomain to ESQ.LINK using an A record or CNAME record at your registrar and start using that domain name on!


Using Subdomains of Your Main Domain


A "subdomain" is another domain name that uses your main domain as a "root" domain. These are typically free to add at most registrars and very simple to add. 


If you already have a website and want to maintain that branding, create a subdomain - After you add that to your ESQ.LINK account, you can then create link pages for your entire firm, such as with contact links.


The options for subdomains are limitless. Some link page options include:

Need Help Getting Started?


Need help with setup?


ESQ.LINK was designed to be easy to create customized legal link pages, and you can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.


Shoot us an email, and we will be happy to help get you started!

Last updated on: 4 February, 2021