Custom Domains

Using custom domains on ESQ.LINK is easy! Learn more about ESQ.LINK custom domains and how to use your own! 2 minutes read

Custom domain - What's that?

 A custom domain is a non-generic section of your email or website that reflects a specific organization or brand. Unlike generic domains such as or, a person or business must pay to use these custom domain names. However, owned custom domain names can then be used to build marketing pages like

Why use a custom domain for link marketing pages on

There are several incentives when using custom domains, together with premium domains to market your law firm. Here are the two main reasons.


First, branding (or identifying) yourself or your law firm is a must when creating an online image. Think about some major brands like Coke, Google, BMW. Just by saying their name, you can picture their company logo and know exactly what they do.  

Now imagine if your law firm had the same presence amongst consumers. That's where custom domains come in. Your law firm can start to build its brand with a domain that matches its image. Additionally, clients can easily see the domain name and understand what your law firm can do for them.

Added Promotion

Secondly, SEO is about building quality backlinks that improve search engine results. Higher search engine results are directly related to the quality of backlinks. These marketing link pages provide easy access to your law firm's website and backlinks. Use these pages to continue branding while increasing your SEO.

 Using Your Own Custom Domain Name

 Have a great domain name but don't want the expense of creating and hosting a website? Want to maintain the branding you currently have but want a link page? Adding your custom domain name is easy!

Using Subdomains of Your Main Domain

A "subdomain" is another domain name that uses your main domain as a "root" domain. These are typically free to add at most registrars and very simple to add. 

If you already have a website and want to maintain that branding, create a subdomain - After adding that to your account, you can create link pages for your entire firm, such as with contact links.

The options for subdomains are limitless. Some link page options include:

Need help with setup?

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Last updated on: 14 March, 2022